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Services :
Consultancy available for advices regarding treatment of suspected and diagnosed cancer patients in both private and hospital clinics. Multidisciplinary consultation and assessment of risk and cost benefit are done for difficult cases in a documented way. Patients who have completed their treatment will get complete and detailed follow up protocol and post treatment advices.
counseling. Counseling and risk assessment is done for persons at high risk for developing cancer because of family and personal history.
Being surgical oncologists Dr. Sengupta’s team will undertake only operative treatment of solid tumors (benign and malignant) of the head and neck region , breast, abdominal cancers, and cancers of the peripheral organs. Chemotherapy is done only for the patients who need preparatory chemotherapy before operation or after operation done by our team. The team has special expertise in operations for cancers of the oral cavity, including all kinds of reconstruction techniques. The team is also conversant with the use of various new instruments and techniques used in modern day cancer surgery.
Some of the operations commonly and regularly done are for :
Tongue and other oral cavity cancers Breast cancers
Thyroid Tumors Kidney cancers
Parotid Tumors Ovarian & uterine cancers
Oesophageal cancers Skin cancers and melanoma
Stomach cancer Soft tissue tumors
Pancreas and Gall bladder cancers Tumors of the limbs
Colon and rectal cancers Reconstruction for oral cavity tumors
Operations will be done only in one of the hospitals Dr. Sengupta is associated with and according to the convenience of the patients and as per the budget but mostly in Park Clinic.
Special economy packages
Patients who want to complete their treatment at a moderate cost will be operated under special prices and packages but without any curtailment of treatment quality. Such packages are presently available only for patients undergoing operation in Park Clinic, where day care facilities are also available for doing minor procedures, biopsies, chemotherapy at a minimum cost.
The above advertised services though in no case claim to be unique or better than other services available in the other hospitals. Patients willing to avail of these services must use their own discretion and if need be consult other specialist doctors before making their decision.